Best,simple and efficient home made remedy for headache that make you relieved in Seconds!

You have  headache or you know somebody having headache?Your thinking of getting painkillers?Hey ,stop,stop!

Here are absolutely ,absolutely proven scientific simple home remedy that would cure practically in seconds,Read this,use it and share …

1 Drink up water! 
Procedure:Grab a glass of water,regularly sip the water

Actions :Its reduce the severity of headache and migraine.

Why:Surely ,we don’t drink enough water daily and that is enough for migraine .

2 Stretch,relax and  breathe!

Procedure:Do yoga,practice little bit.Take a deep breathe ,Drop your shoulders.

Actions:Overworked mind and bodies react by tensing and knotting up muscles especially in upper back,neck and shoulder

Taking long breathe ,this would get plenty of fresh oxygen circulating through your blood and would relax the mind.

Carrying shoulders hunched up too high results in headache.

3 Carry out hot or cold compress treatment


  • Find a quiet place to lie down, preferably where you can dim the lights or turn them off.
  • Place the cold or hot compress on your forehead and relax.
  • At some point, try switching to the back of your head, or the top, depending on where the pain is concentrated.
  • You can also try a cold compress at one location and a hot compress on another, either on your head, or place the hot compress on your shoulders if your headache is from tension. Do this for as long as you feel you need to.

Actions:Headache caused by expanded vessel making the vessels superficial,applying something cold over the are contract the vessels.

If headache is caused by tension apply hot water would vasodilate the vessels allowing the flow of blood.

4 Place your leg on lukewarm water then on cold water

Procedure:place lukewarm water on a basin then place your legs.Replace lukewarm water with cold water 

Actions:Its function the same as cold and hot treatment as explained above.

5 In case you have been taking coffeine excessive, try out coffeine cure

Actions:Coffee is a mild stimulant which active brain and this work best incase ,its was tension headache.

6 Soothe with scent

Actions:Smelling a scenty flower,detergents or cosmetic triggers brain parts and this reduce tension in the brain thus relieving headache.

What you need to do then:

  1. Be a home doctor ,treat this minor headache.
  2. In case headache persist then it must be a sign of disease so seek medical assistance from your nearest hospital.
  3. Comment on your home made remedies,share to your friends and allow them to comment.

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