Ten Best and Unique study methods that every student should use in 2018 to Avoid D’s and E’s

Passing an exam is not a talent! Its doesn’t largely depends on IQ.Study methods and dedication largely affects the performance. Students who follow these methods learn more easily, retain material for longer periods of time, and save themselves hours of study time. The ten study methods researchers have found that work are:

  1. Make correct connection between ideas

Ever wondered what the real secret is behind those students who barely studied in college, but still made the grade? Perhaps they knew about the importance of making connections in learning. Many experts argue that the difference between slow learners and quick studiers is the way they  slow learners memorize, quick learners make connections between ideas. Known as contextual learning, the process is a crucial one that requires each student to customize their own methods of learning, thus making connections that inspire all of the information to start falling into place and making sense for the individual. 

  • Some students find that recording all information visually in one place (such as on a sheet of paper or chalkboard) can help to paint a full picture and aid the making of connections within the learning process

2  Making and Keeping a Study Schedule

  • Set aside certain hours of each day for study just as you do for nourishment and sleep.
  •  Keep the same schedule faithfully from day-to-day.
  •  The amount of time needed for study will vary for each individual based on skills with the subject matter. 
  • An average of two hours of study each day for each hour in class is recommended.
  •  Going to class is only the beginning; the real work begins afterward
  • The timetable should include time, place,period,date and a specific activity

3 Not Relying on Inspiration for motivation

Schools and other learning institutions spend resources to motivate student,this works but as a successful student motivation should not be from inspiration but an inner drive ,a soul searching, a desire to achieve

The moment you feel motivated by your capability ,that is the time you will achieve,

if for instance an athlete could have need an inspiration to practice He/she could have perished!


  • Psychological Science advising students against previously held good study habits of reading and rereading textbooks, which, he argued, can lead people to think they know material better than they do because everything is right in front of them (and does not require memorization). 
  • He suggested instead that students use active recall: closing the book and reciting everything they can remember up to that point to practice long-term memorization.
  • Peer mock should be used wisely to avoid frustration, and low self esteem

5 Overlearning Material Enhances Memory

Psychologists tell us that the secret to learning for future reference is overlearning. Experts suggest that after you can say, “I know this material,” that you should continue to study that material for an additional one-fourth of the original study time.

 The alphabet is an example of overlearning. How did you learn it? Probably through recitation which is the best way to etch material into the memory trace. 

Manipulate the material as many different ways as possible by writing, reading, touching, hearing, and saying it. In an experimental study, students who overlearned material retained four times as much after a month than students who didn’t overlearn.

6 Highlight every keywords and content phrase.

use the book while reading for an exam.Thus

7 Create a visualized methods mnemonics in your sorrounding.

use a correct local accepted visualize methods of study..
8 Keep a well-kept notebook and

careful records of assignment

9 Study in an appropriate setting is time,place and conditions

10 Avoid false confidence and cheating yourself.
I remember some  students would hate you if you wake them up in a classroom after a long time of sleeping claiming that they were recalling .They don’t want to accept the reality.

Some student would sleep late mimicking other students yet he/she is not reading at all.

If your not reading don’t pretend to be doing so instead please doing an alternative constructive activities.