Seductive Sunday siesta

Seductive Sunday siesta

A boy falls in love with a girl.The start of their relationship remain mystery but the seductive Sunday siesta is what the boy accounts it a great day.Its a Sunday and the boy has to travel a long distance,its his advantage as many Christian are on church either as church goer or a true believer.The boy spends thousands to met his Angel-cum-prowess who has clings on the mind.
The boy is litter bit nervous but love and emotions drive people great He reached at her well furnished room filled with fragrance,bed immaculately prepared with whitesh blameless sheet as compared to boy’s rogue room.

The heart is filled with feelings but the mind has refused to transcribe the feelings , the boy is also a stammerer ,In the condition ,he remove a poem he had scribbled.”

“My aubergine”

Lastly a typical,civilised and motivated blemish less girl with skeleto move toward the Boy and s

The stammerer won’t break the silence and she decided to do so

“Hello,how have you been” the lady ask reluctantly

They chit chat,the boy lastly gather enough courage and express his sincere love to her.Ashamed of him he  won’t love him,she won’t allow his love to grow in her heart maybe the boys tone of communication is not attached with emotions or the lady has already grows big in love with other boy who bring life in a loveless situation.

All phrase and sentiment that the boy tries to put across falls into a harden heart,she adamantly and confidently declined the “foolish” idea.The boy falls on a siesta as he was confused

/Perhaps nay verily its a horde congratulating on his departure to USA making his greatest tune on gremaphone to reality,I mean from banish to Paradise …she found the most beautiful lady 

He coax the lady and she acquiesced, she accept but later confirmed to him that she posses the pestilence, the horror disease.She also introduce him to the monsters and finally killed him using juice with genie…/

Its was his dream in a siesta.The boys dreams alway come to pass.He woke up shocked and ready to let her go! He found the lady also in  the siesta.She has a  dream….While she woke up ,she hug him,try to seduce him but he said NAE!!What in her dream……..